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Any way to watch Nana and Gavin's show for free?

Brooke Shields

I scream like a woman at 1:30 AM to female police
try this:


Oh, here comes Ray with his O-PIN-ION
Here's a better alternative:

1. Look up black crime statistics and get enraged

2. Tweet under a poor pseudonym and thinly veil your racism (don't forget the pedophilia, either!)

3. Shove a dildo up your ass after selling off your lifes work for pennies

4. Drink yourself to death with Bud Light

5. PROFIT!!! 💲💲💲
After you cancel your sub it stays active. He used to sell one day trials for like a buck and then you'd just get your sub for free. I really wonder how much tranthony drank after he heard about that bug, so instead of learning how to fix his gateway system he just removed the one day trials. You will have to pay 8.99 or whatever but he has discount codes.

You shouldn't give money to tranthony but he burns through $8.99+ at sullivan's every day

He's also off for the week because he's a lazy you know nigger


I just watch the clips they throw up on youtube, and it’s usually not very funny. It was pretty funny when Gavin admitted to wearing diapers during his shows because he has the bladder of a pregnant woman.
I really think that Ant can only make it through his show while drinking without pissing because he’s wildly dehydrated from the night before.