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cuckold situation

a friend of mine was drinking with me recently. we got pretty wasted, somewhere in the slurring retarded conversation I told a story about jacking off in front of some bitch. he asked why I did that. I told him I like to be watched. he said, as he raised his glass, that he likes to watch. at first I thought he was going to ask me to take my dick out and start whacking. I was drunk enough to do it for the goof. but it went into a different direction, he said he wants to watch a guy fuck his wife. his wife is pretty hot in great shape, one of those gym whores with a perfect ass. he told me if he can convince her to go with it, he would like me to fuck his wife in front of him. I would never bang her without his permission. hes one of my best and oldest friends.

he brought up again this week. im not sure if I should do it. he seems like he really wants to do this. what would you do?