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First of three Thanksgiving dinners, piggy and his sow eating at a bar and not with their families.


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Looks like they're both banned from family dinners this year:




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It's always around this time of year he starts pretending he's a serious gym monster and that's why he can eat garbage can lids full of slop. A man who Tweeted 1,703+ times in the last 30 days and still found time to join new social media apps, re-watch The Mandalorian and supposedly work on the thing that he calls a job was also definitely in the gym every day getting back to optimal strength. Shut up and eat your swill, Fatty.
For the non-Americans, please know that 99% of American families celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday. Only people who are traveling or complete derelicts go to bars for a Thanksgiving dinner.

In other words, Niki and Patrick aren't invited to an actual Thanksgiving with family.
Great post.

It’s also not uncommon for people to host random friends that don’t have a family dinner to go to.

If you are at a bar on thanksgiving you are literally the lowest level type of loser.