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"No child. Kids aren't groomed at drag shows. They're groomed in churches"


Lotta fawkin board celebrities around here
I don't think that you see this kind of shit in a church, Pat.




Lotta fawkin board celebrities around here
What the fuck started this shit besides the obvious Jews?
That's pretty much it. They convinced the childless weirdos that they should obsess about having access to other people's children, and childless weirdos did just that.

It's just like when suddenly out of nowhere public restrooms became an issue despite never being an issue before.

Fred from Brookryn

Not so fast, midget!
In fairness, several libtard/fag "churches" will likely start hosting such events if they haven't already.

Edit: Fucking Queers

white women. they are the ones going to drag brunches and they are the ones who are taking their children to see this degeneracy. if i had one wish and i had to use it to fix the world, id kill all the jews. if i had two wishes id kill them and take away women’s right to vote.
I thought you were about to say "kill all the white women" and was going to agree with you.