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The last gasp of 48.4k




midnight with the stars and you
I don’t even understand this criticism. Doesn’t he fuck young pop stars and actresses?
Pat thinks being a billionaire is the same as his own life just with more meatloaf and pocket doors.

Elon is the new Trump. These twitter faggots need an enemy they can #resist rather than look into the shallow hole of their own pathetic lives.



Chive Torquey

Bland Vegetable Nonsense
They really have this weird concept that you can’t stigmatize fetsihes but they also constantly accuse people of drinking piss as an insult. Scumbags really motherfucking some people.
There's no thought at all to it, it's just foam-mouthed mob mentality. All the woke platitudes exist because the mob believes in it, therefore the individual must as well. Once someone deviates from the path, the mob descends on them like a school of piranhas and the only priority is to maul the dissenter as viciously as possible, regardless of how incongruous that might be with their supposedly lovey-dovey ideals. Women get called whores and coloureds are labeled as house niggers and coolies without a hint of self-awareness from these people.

Conversely, they'll excuse and ignore any infringement from anyone on "their side" who's been marked as too big to fall. See, president Castreau and his Al Jolson antics. I sincerely doubt these morons are even aware of their hypocrisy. I know 1984 is a tired trope to bring up at this point but the behaviour these people exhibit is almost described word for word. They live in a constant present, never looking back at their past behaviour with any critical self-awareness. They've programmed themselves to instinctively reject any information that might shaken their world view, yet spitefully internalize every word they read when it confirms it. It's like they clinically dismantled their own sentience.

Anyway, I'm glad I kept this brief. :image_9247: