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World Cup 2022.


OK, I think this is the wrong…. Oh fuck


Immerse your soul in love
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Our national team is pozzed as fuck, and we're not winning shit. Regardless, we are in the same group as the U.S and i just hope we annihilate them and send them packing. Bear in mind Iran is in our group too lol.

A rainbow crest? That will show those Arabs that hating fags is a no no! 😑

But i guess they’re ok with thousands of death slaves that build the stadiums and infrastructure 🤷‍♂️
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I feel bad for the fans that are going. Forced to drink Budweiser only and only at certain areas. The Brazilians can't get naked, the English can't be drunk in the streets. FIFA needs to be disbanded for awarding such a backwards ass country the world cup. It's also not right we are playing in the winter so players don't drop dead due to the heat.
America will beat England but lose to Iran.

I can't wait. I have hardly drunk since the summer and the coverage here is 9am til 9pm on the days with four games.

I'm just hoping we finally get rid of Gareth Southgate and employ an exciting manager after this. The fact it's in the winter and during the season means there's not the usual build up and the whole anti Qatar stuff bores me. Sportswashing doesn't work. I had no idea what the working conditions in Qatar were before they got the world cup. Nice 250 billion spent there idiots.